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He immigrated to Las Vegas in 1980, and became an American Citizen in 1985. He was on staff at Sunrise, Valley and UMC Hospitals for 27 years. His private practice gave him great joy. What a loss, but at least they didn’t have to put it in a yard sale. Or have the ordeal of trying to sell things private party, with strangers who come to your house. We feel it is a good service and it helps people make money and save money.”.

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She was active with the parish school of religion and sang in the choir. She was a pirohy worker at the church and was a member of the St. Cyril 50 Plus Club.Marlene was also a member of the Jednota Branch 422 and was most recently a member of Beta Sigma Phi Sorority (Ohio Theta Masters).For the past 15 years, Marlene and her husband, John, were active members of St.

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