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But there is hundreds of applicants for each opening. And the ones who get hired first always have a family member or close friend working there. Seen it plenty of times, with my own eyes.. Many devices could ditch their single purpose ports such as HDMI and Ethernet. With cheap universally compatible adapters in wide circulation, slim devices wouldn’t have to sacrifice connectivity anymore. Docking stations could become popular in schools and public spaces, turning our phones or other portable devices into full fledged workstations with a single wire..

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Tulsa police officer Betty Shelby fatally shot the 40 year old on Friday after responding to a report of a stalled vehicle. Sgt. Shane Tuell said Tuesday that Shelby had a stun gun at the time but did not use it. “I was just hoping his words would be, ‘Mindy, she’s in the hospital but she’s OK,’ ” Carland said. “I just wanted to be there. I needed to get there.

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